Compliance, risk & practice management
The excellent insolvency professionalCritical personal & inter-personal skills Compliance, risk & practice management Technical KnowledgeAs an insolvency professional’s career progresses, they will become more involved in issues of compliance, risk assessment and practice management. These factors are essential within a well-run, efficient and successful practice.

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We publish a handbook containing the Ethics Code, SIPs, Insolvency Guidance Papers and IPA regulations and guidance, so our IPs have all the extra-statutory insolvency regulation in one convenient volume.

IPA members receive a free hard copy and can download the handbook from our website

If you are a non-member and wish to purchase a copy, they are available from LexisNexis.

The IPA also runs a number of competitively priced courses and conferences to help our practitioners keep abreast of their CPE requirements.

Our events and courses are usually open to all, however our members receive discounted rates.

Why not join the IPA to receive these discounts and the many other benefits of IPA membershi

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